Four Stars
Perfect fit
Going by the online claims made in the armrest description, I purchased it. It was more useful than my expectation. It fitted perfectly on the window of my old car. Now I can drive and simultaneously have something to rest my arm on.
Five Stars
Useful product
My uncle is a jeep driver living in desert area of Namibia. I had ordered this for him when he came home Christmas this season. He was completely touched by my gesture of care. Thank you for creating a useful product like an armrest.
Four Stars
Absolute value for money
Looking at the rate of the armrest, its usability quotient is much higher. Its very comfortable to rest my arm on. Plus its washable and durable. What more to ask for.
Four Stars
Looks nice
My car is of silver color and the grey color of this armrest mingled well with it. It looks as if it’s a part of my car. I have habit of putting my hand on windows and drive. So this armrest proved helpful in my case.
Five Stars
Want to buy more
Initially purchased one piece, but after using it want to buy it for my father too. He is 65 years old and likes to go on long self-drives. I think this would be a perfect item for him.
Five Stars
Armrest ideal for long driving hours
The entire shopping experience was impressive. Before going for my road trip, I had ordered it 7 days in advance. To my surprise I received it in nicely packed manner in just 4 days. Keep it up.
Five Stars
Faced no problems with the armrest
After much online research about this armrest, finally ordered it. I have been using it from past 3 months and have faced no issues. One of my friend also ordered it seeing my armrest.
Five Stars
A cure for my shoulder pain
My wife had gifted this armrest to me. I drive an old model of car. Due to my work commitments have to do a lot of road traveling. Now there is not shoulder pain because of the support from the armrest. Thank you.
Four Stars
Want other colors
I have purchased grey color armrest which goes well with my white car. For my red colored car, I need something in darker shades like maroon, black or brown. If available, would buy it instantly.
Four Stars
Durable and washable
The material of the armrest is washable and it seems to be durable. I sweat a lot and had to wash my armrest twice in 6 months. All is well till now. A product worth buying.
Highly Comfortable Five Stars
I drive a tanker truck and often had complains about door being too narrow to put my arm. With this armrest my problem is solved. It is exactly what I needed. Comfortable and durable.
Four Stars
I liked it
The armrest is just fine. It’s easy to fit on my jeep’s window and easier to clean. I had purchased 4 pieces of the same product. It is really useful.
Four Stars
Gifted it to my father
My father is a truck driver and is always on the run. I had gifted this armrest on this father’s day to him. He was so touched by my gesture. Thank you so much for creating such a thoughtful product.
Five Stars
Got what I expected
If you are an ‘elbow-out-of-the-window’ driver like me, then you should buy this armrest. Comfortable that gets easily fit to any car’s window. The price is fair and quality appreciable
Five Stars
My cat loves it
My car’s window panel is not so broad for my lovely cat to support her when she looks out. This was for her. Now she loves peeping out of the car’s window and enjoys her drive.
Five Stars
Amazing armrest
I have a business of transport services, and own 4 trucks. Bought the armrests as a gesture of appreciation for my truck drivers on this ‘Thanks Giving Day’. They are really thankful and obliged. Good experience
Five Stars
An elbow saver
Exactly the same product that I needed to make my never ending road trips comfortable. I had seen this armrest with one of the friend and decided to purchase it. Keep it up.
Five Stars
Wish I had purchased it before
Being a tourist car driver I had to drive for long hours. As a result suffered from neck and shoulder pain. After I started this armrest things have become easier. Thank you.
Four Stars
An everyday item
If you drive for hours together and search for some good armrest, then buy this! I have been using it everyday since I purchased it online. Now this armrest has become an essential item in my car.
Five Stars
Five stars
The padding is thick enough to give proper rest to the arm and elbow. Quite a flexible product. It gets fit to my jeep as well as the car. Happy with the results

A+++++ Seller – Quick Ship – Highly Recommend.Five Stars

Nice product, good price and super fast shipping! Four Stars

Perfect Transaction! Highly Recommended! AAA Five Stars

Thanks again for the quick service!!!  Four Stars